Electronic music and programming (Max/MSP - javascript)

from 2018, for the Master of Arts in Composition and Theory at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana

Live electronics

from 2018, for the student of the Master Courses at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana

Music technology

from 2017, for the student of the Master Courses at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana

Music technology and actual music

from 2017, for the Double Master CSI-DFA at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana


Versatile artist, Alberto Barberis is active as composer, electroacoustic performer, code artist, programmer, sound engineer and Lecturer in Electronic Music. Since 2017 he teaches 'Electronic Music', 'Music Technologies' and 'Live Electronics' at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana of Lugano (CH).

As a guitarist, he obtained the Diploma and the Master Degree at the Conservatories of Turin and Brescia (IT) studying, among others, with Maurizio Colonna, Giorgio Mirto and Bruno Giuffredi. He studied also engineering and composition, stimulated by the interest for algorithmic composition, electronic and computer music, code-art and digital-art. At the Polytechnic University of Turin (IT) he graduated in Cinema and Media Engineering.

After attending the courses of mathematician and composer Giovanni Albini he moved to Lugano (CH) where he graduated with full marks at the Master of Arts in Composition and Theory and then at the MAS (Master of Advanced Studies) in Composition at the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana of Lugano (CH), under the guidance of Nadir Vassena, Giovanni Verrando and Sylviane Sapir.

Since 2012 he is the Assistant Artistic Director of the highSCORE New Music Center, and he is part of the collective of musicians linked to the FloatingForest Record, label of improvisational and experimental music. Frome 2012 he collaborates with electronic musician Alberto Ricca/Bienoise. Since 2019 he is the executive Producer of the Association for contemporary music OGGIMUSICA.

Recently he has worked with several contemporary music ensembles including the Ensemble Recherche (D), the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble - MCME (RUS), the Eutopia Ensemble (IT), and has participated in international festivals such as La Biennale Musica di Venezia (IT), ARS ELECTRONICA Garden Lugano (CH), ElectroPark Festival (IT), Nachtstrom (CH), Art Test Fest (IT), Zed Festival (IT), Mirabilia (IT), Lugano Musica (CH), Lugano In Scena (CH), Maggio Elettrico (IT), AFEKT (ET), Teatri di Vetro (IT), Oceano Indiano (IT), Festival Aperto (IT), Seeyousound (IT), EstOvest Festival (IT).

He performed in important theaters such as Teatro Goldoni (Venezia, IT), Teatro Argentina (Roma, IT), Teatro LAC (Lugano, CH), Teatro della Tosse (Genova, IT), Teatro Valli (Reggio Emilia, IT), Teatro dell'Opera di Lausanne (Lausanne, CH), Teatro Nazionale di Genova (Genova, IT), Polo del '900 (Torino, IT).

He is the winner of the Werkjahr2017 of the Christoph Delz Foundation of Basel (CH), with a research project about the interaction between orchestral instruments and electronic devices, with which he created the show INVISIBLE THROUGH BACH, a concert-installation for resonant motorized metal plates, cello, live electronics and visual art.

From 2019 he collaborates with the visual artist Rajan Craveri, both in the creation of multimedia shows (A/V installations, audio reactive concerts, A/V artworks, etc.) and in the design and development of multimedia softwares.

Alongside his artistic activity he develops applications and softwares for music creation, education and performance (tiascolto, EARME, Ormè, SOLO, FRAMES).

In his creations he combines acoustic instruments, electronic devices, digital art and programming with a personal 'biological tension'.