invisible through bach

metal plates AV orchestra

duration 45'

Alberto Barberis - music, live electronics, design
Giacomo Cardelli - cello
Rajan Craveri - live visual art

Invisible through Bach is an immersive sound-visual art work composed between 2018 and 2019, for an architecture of resonant/reflective motorized metal plates, cello, live electronics and live visual art. Presented for OGGIMUSICA and LuganoMusica, at the theatre LAC (Lugano - CH) on 19 March 2019, it is the result of a collaboration with cellist Giacomo Cardelli and visual artist Rajan Craveri, and it was supported by the Christoph Delz Foundation.

A vibrating techno-human organism, a multi-perceptual installation, a system of dense sound-visual interconnections, which leads the public to live a pluri-sensorial experience shared between people, automata and codes. An art work which reflects on today’s human-machine integration and mutual influences, with a hope for the impossibility of an anti-human drift.

invisible through bach - teaser

invisible through bach - program note