contemporary dance

duration 7'19''

Odbayar Batsuuri - choreography
Alberto Barberis - music
Giulia Rosso - dancer
Marina Bertoni - dancer
Michael Ihnow - dancer

«This dance piece is telling the story of “Wassily chair”. Particularly, the period of time when it first came out to the public. [...] Today “Wassily chair” is not only a chair anymore. I was so engaged with the fact that the society and the public rejected “Wassily chair” when it first came out. This aspect touched my artistic interest and inspired me to create this dance piece that presents a sense of rejection by other people, a sense of being different from the rest of the world and a sense of being emerged at a wrong time.»

[from 'Premature, conception' by Odbayar Batsuuri]

performance @Teatro dell'Architettura of Mendrisio (CH)