a l f a b e t h  ]

work for ensemble, live electronics and visuals

duration 50'
[ première in 2021 ]

Matteo Manzitti / Alberto Barberis - creation, composition

with the Eutopia Ensemble

Elisa Azzarà - flute
Edoardo Lega - clarinet
Corinna Canzian - violin
Federico Bagnasco - doublebass
Valentina Messa - piano
Rajan Craveri - visuals

visual screenshot by Rajan Craveri

Alfred Kallir, universally known as one of the greatest researchers of alphabetical signs, showed the multifaceted nature of letters: "fallen images" before being the significant ingredients of the languages. Alfa-Beth intends to investigate the strength and properties of letters with a sound and visual dramaturgy of the alphabet. That "holding together", which is the main property of the letters, thus becomes the fulcrum of the work, not only because it is a "four hands" composition, but also because it sees the presence of the acoustic and the electronic, the vocal and the instrumental.

trailer by Andrea Bonventre.

Alfa-Beth in residency @Superbudda (Torino - IT). Pic. by Andrea Bonventre.


Alfa-Bethin residency @Superbudda (Torino - IT). Pic. by Andrea Bonventre.

Alfa-Beth will be presented for Le strade del suono and Est Ovest Festival(Genova, 4 July 2021, Torino 9 July 2021) and for OGGIMUSICA (19 October 2021 - Lugano).